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Tarot-guide.com brings to you 8 unique brands of free tarot!
Try them all and find out which are your favorites. (There are even more in the Tarot Directory.)

Many have said that the best place to begin reading tarot is with the good old Rider-Waite deck. By that token we present free readings from HowToReadTarot.com, an introductory site for beginners to learn how to read tarot cards. HowToReadTarot.com readings use only the Major Arcana.
For full-deck readings also using the Rider-Waite, FreeDivination.com is a great option, with concise, but very useful card meanings and a large number of the most practical tarot spreads, which are explained quite well and easily understood.
Rider-Waite.com is another site that offers readings with the RWS. Scroll down and select the third option to use the most famous tarot deck of them all, the classic Rider-Waite, with the original card meanings from the Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite intact. There are 18 spreads to choose from and you don't even have to leave this page .
For those of you who like Aleister Crowley's brand of occultism, Crowley-Thoth.com is a great place to get free readings. Card meanings are true to the original writings in Crowley's Book of Thoth. Thoth is widely regarded as the most esoteric tarot deck in history, owing its deep symbolism to Crowley's life-long pursuit of occult wisdom. Along with artist Lady Freida Harris, Crowley created this deck as an old man.
Another choice is myDivination.com. This website offers over 100 decks of all sorts to read with, and an ever-increasing stockpile of tons of spreads (since members can create and share their own spreads).
Next there is Tarotsmith.com, a site that delivers tarot readings using decks designed by a group of modern esoteric artists who study the occult. Readings are available using full decks as well as majors-only. This site is affiliated with a sister site that offers readings with decks by other unique indie artists, FreeTarotReading.Us.
Also there is Facade.com, the oldest free tarot website. Facade features celebrity readings and has always been the most popular website to get free readings on, however trivial celebrity readings may be.
A flashy website called Tarot-Live.com presents 3 majors-only decks with a lot of showmanship: the Love Tarot. You pick the cards yourself and they float into position before your eyes. A classic relationship spread.
Each option has something unique and special to offer. Enjoy your readings!





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